Friday, 27 November 2015

Library Champions for Disability Access - a new forum

Library Champions for Disability Access

Is a new grassroots community of practice form for all information professionals which is
going to be launched later in 2015 in affiliation with ALISS
We aim to offer librarians, information professionals from all sectors an informal place to
contact, meet and exchange and exchange ideas. Disability is defined broadly to include
neurodiversity conditions, mental health issues, physical or intellectual impairment. We
believe that library users should not be ‘disabled’ by technical, environmental or social
conditions in libraries and urge all those who support this to join us to improve access for

Our proposal

• We aim to offer face to face meetings in the London and South East area. It is
aimed to hold these 3 times per year and to circulate hosting of events wherever
possible amongst members.

• Meetings will have a focused topic with a brief presentation or demo followed
by discussion by participants and an opportunity to share ideas and experience.
Topics of interest include: physical access, assistive technology, library support
mechanisms for disabled users, staff training and legal and copyright issue relating
to the special needs of our users.

• While physical meetings will be limited to this area (to avoid overlap with other
organisations) we are not restricting membership and aim to offer a broader
mailing list and website of information available to all interested parties.

• The organisation will be under the auspices of ALISS

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